Aren’t you done trying to pour from an empty cup?

If you cringe every time you hear that phrase because you know your cup is empty, but don’t know how to get a refill, this program is for you.

The Full Plate Detox is for busy SHEros like you, climbing their way back to the top of their priority list.

  • Have you secretly been craving a new challenge, but you’re worried about how changes will affect everything?
  • Aren’t you tired of running on empty, chasing your never-ending task list?
  • Is your schedule so full of other people’s priorities that there’s no room for yours?

You’re great at taking care of everyone else and their needs, but somewhere along the way, you dropped to the very bottom of your priority list. You’re struggling to keep up and burn out is a real concern! As women, we naturally give so much to taking care of others, that we fill our plates up–ending up drained and empty.

It’s time for your Full Plate Detox!

The Full Plate Detox is the Everyday SHEro’s Guide

Ditch the Overwhelm

Let go of what drains your cup.

Shed the Guilt

Re-connect with what moves you.

Reclaim Your Time

Get back to the top of your priority list!

You don’t have to feel guilty about taking care of yourself and putting your personal goals at the top of your priority list It’s OK to say “NO” to what’s draining you, and get back to doing the things that feed your energy.

In the Full Plate Detox, I’ll walk you through my proven process to kick bad habits, reclaim your time and reinvest your energy. You’ll learn how to create your success plan to:

  • shed the guilt and reconnect with your vision
  • declutter your calendar and focus on the right things
  • get inspired and excited to work on your goals again
  • refill that cup and give from your overflow instead!

The Full Plate Detox is your roadmap back to a schedule that you’ll love again!

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Reclaim Your Time and Boost Your Productivity!

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